Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What Part of Your Test System Should You Automate?

Choosing the right sections to automate in your test system will display the biggest benefits to your results and costs. In addition, know that the automation tools you decide to implement will rely heavily on what you choose to automate. With that in mind, here are three key thoughts for you to consider:

Tester skills

Automation requires an immense talent for writing scripts. Thus, a person with extensive software development and programming skills is an absolute necessity if you want to automate processes. Look for an individual or third-party company with plenty of experience in a specific development language and strong object-oriented programming (OOP) knowledge.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Passing ART: On Record

There will always be instances when you’d stop and think whether or not you've done everything on the list. Some jobs may never ever be concluded, such as doing the dishes in a 24-hour diner, but there will be breaks. You may be finished with washing the dishes today, but you'll do it again tomorrow, and someone else would be doing it in your place while you’re off-shift. Even if the diner transitioned to a banana leaf-plate, it’d only change the task, not the perpetuity of the task.