Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Automated Software Testing: Questions to Ask

For software developers, choosing between automated software testing and manual software testing to assess their program’s quality is an easy one, especially when they are under strict deadlines. After all, automated software testing gives software developers a clear picture of all the bugs or defects in the program in an efficient manner. Before any testing commences, however, it would be appropriate to ask these questions.

Who will perform the tests?
Before anything else, the party responsible for performing the automated tests should be identified. While software developers are technically capable of testing their own programs, they may not always have an objective point of view. For this reason, it is best to relegate the task to a third-party automated testing solutions provider.

Why bring in a third party?
Third-party automated software testing firms already have a wide array of automated testing tools at their disposal and may only need to make adjustments and customizations as necessary. They also have a designated team to perform the testing. Software developers can trust that a manager oversees every step to ensure all aspects are covered to fully assess the program.

What is the software developers’ role now?

With a third party already on board, software developers should not be involved in the automated testing process whatsoever. Rather, they’ll received detailed reports on all the inaccuracies or discrepancies in their program so they can make the necessary corrections.

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