Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Why Software Testing Is Important

Manufacturers typically designate a group to do a product test before the market release of a new product. For instance, a soda company develops a new flavor. Before it is mass-produced and shipped into stores, the company does a focus group discussion first, where a random group of people do a taste test and then give their opinions on the new flavored drink.

Similarly, testing should be a standard operating procedure for software development companies before they turn over the product to their clients. The tests will help the engineers and developers detect flaws or “bugs” in their work and resolve them before deployment. They have two methods to test their software: manual and automated.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Signs You Could Benefit from Automated Testing

Automated testing is a widely accepted practice all over the world. In fact, a wide variety of industries make use of automated testing to boost the overall productivity of their respective companies.

Of course, automated testing requires you to invest time and money in the creation of the testing system, something that you may not be too eager to do. If you experience the following situations, however, investing in automated testing is bound to work wonders for you: