Sunday, June 15, 2014

Signs You Could Benefit from Automated Testing

Automated testing is a widely accepted practice all over the world. In fact, a wide variety of industries make use of automated testing to boost the overall productivity of their respective companies.

Of course, automated testing requires you to invest time and money in the creation of the testing system, something that you may not be too eager to do. If you experience the following situations, however, investing in automated testing is bound to work wonders for you:

There is never enough time.

Testing software is a time-consuming process, especially if your team of testers has to run multiple tests in a short amount of time. With automated testing, you can have tests running overnight, allowing you to make full use of the 24 hours in a day. This way, you effectively double your productivity without having to hire more testers.

There are frequent updates to your systems.

If your company regularly adds new features to its systems, automated testing makes regression testing a much simpler task. This way, you are able to release updates to your system much faster than you would had you completely relied on manual testing.

There are too many instances of human error

Having to perform simple, yet repetitive tests day in and day out could wear out your testers. This leaves them prone to overlooking potentially hazardous problems. By automating tests, your testers can occupy themselves with finding solutions to problems.

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