Thursday, July 17, 2014

Software Issues are Easy to Fix with Testing

In some ways, creating a software program is much like writing a news story. The first draft isn’t always spot-on, and even subsequent drafts still require editing. Defects found in computer programs can only be ironed out through regular bug tracking and troubleshooting, though some defects may still persist if an automated testing procedure is not performed.

Compatibility, for instance, is a major software development issue because computer programs will fail if their system requirements are not met. That said, this problem is not limited to hardware limitations as it includes compatibility issues with other computer programs. Open-source programs are most vulnerable to software incompatibilities since they’re primarily designed to run in tandem with ‘relevant’ systems (i.e. programs constructed using the same coding language). Automated tests that involve a comprehensive compatibility analysis of each program can root out incompatibilities with all available software and computer systems.

Automated software tests can also help prevent security breaches. Sometimes, software developers fail to notice loopholes in their program’s underlying framework. To detect these oversights, automated tests provide the program test data. If the data is processed properly and efficiently, then the program is pronounced secure. Even the smallest discrepancy in processing time can be enough to raise eyebrows since it can indicate bits of inefficient code, which is all malicious programmers need to tamper with the entire program.

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