Monday, November 10, 2014

Three Handy Software Development Tips

Worldwide smartphone shipments reached a milestone when it topped one billion units in 2013. Some of these units likely ended in the hands of your employees and partners. The business world is increasingly going mobile, which means pretty soon, you’re going to need to develop customized smartphone apps for your business as it expands. Here are three practical software development tips that can benefit your efforts.

Learn the language

Software companies try to build market share by using programming languages and tools that developers are currently using. For instance, Windows Mobile allows developers to utilize existing Visual Studio and .NET development skills and server setups to expand their applications to mobile devices.

Create software for multiple platforms

Creating software for multiple devices may require more time and resources, but it ensures that your app won’t be limited to a single platform. You can choose to create a separate app for each platform or you can use CSS to recode Web apps to fit small screens, then simply control the events with JavaScript.

Aim for consistency

You’ll need to create an app that would remain consistent across all types of mobile operating systems. Although it will be difficult, it’s still worth pursuing because if your enterprise is like most, your people are likely using a mix of devices.

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