Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why is Software Testing Important?

A vast majority of people are aware of the relevance of computer systems to the modern lifestyle that they are currently living. They are aware of technologies that are meticulously crafted to cater to those in need of such systems.

An important component of software development is testing; that is, to see if it works according to the design it was based on. The necessity of testing the software may be debatable, but it is a very important aspect of software development due to several reasons.
Testing the software will allow the business to avoid any trouble with its customers, especially if finances are involved. This can be viewed from the perspective of a bank. It is important that the systems running within the bank are spot on and cannot be tweaked against it, or the clients subscribed to the bank will suffer from financial loss.
Another problem that can be prevented by software testing is the harm a faulty system will bring to a company’s reputation. No one would like to work with a company or organization that has extremely faulty systems.
Lastly, security and safety-critical systems must also be tested to ensure the user’s physical safety. In case of a malfunction, such systems could cause bodily harm to the people using them. This and many more serve to highlight the importance of software testing.

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