Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why Your Company Needs Automated Testing Software

Why risk the reputation and success of your company when you can be sure of your product? The rapid changes in today’s technology demand the high quality and versatility of software development systems. Automated testing can ensure that your software product meets or exceeds standards and also provides the following advantages:

Efficiency. Automated tests run faster, so you can save on time and effort. The speed factor is especially beneficial when it comes to more comprehensive tests such as regression testing. There is also no need to worry about human error or redundancy in automated testing.

Decreased Costs. The number of resources needed to conduct testing is greatly diminished when automated testing is utilized, so costs are kept low. Also, automated tests can be reused on other versions of the software—greatly increasing its value.

Increased Product Confidence. The high efficiency of the testing process ensures the quality of the software. Automated testing also guarantees that test scripts are kept up-to-date.

With the completeness, consistency, and repeatability of testing tools, you can have peace of mind that your software product is superior in class and can provide a competitive advantage. There are companies that can provide automated testing tools and methods that improve data analysis and expand test coverage while maintaining information security.  

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