Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tools of the Trade: Software Testing Tools

Whether it’s for recording business transactions, managing customer relations, or even dictating cash flow, custom software serve a number of important roles for the companies that use them. Their accuracy and ease of use make them generally more reliable than manual calculation and recording. However, that doesn’t mean that these systems are completely infallible; they still need to undergo quality assurance procedures to ensure that they work as intended and live up to their users’ high expectations.

Although it’s possible to test business software for any faults through manual means, such a process is often too long and tedious to accomplish. The easier alternative is to use another software built specifically to test the program and ensure its functionality. These software tools are automated, and only require minimum input from users in order to start testing selected programs.

There’s more to software testing than just ensuring that the program works. Business programs need to be tested to gauge their level of security, especially if the programs are connected to the Internet. Obviously, companies don’t want to use programs that leave them vulnerable to unauthorized access, so they will want to assess their security by relying on testing software to check their systems for any faults.

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